My approach

When it comes to photographing people I prefer documentary-style photography, capturing candid moments as they unfold naturally. In this vein, I also prefer working with natural light, as it best captures the scene as we see it.

I also prefer environmental portraiture—using a wider field of view to give additional context. My goal in portraiture is to capture a person’s energy, giving a glimpse into their personality and demeanor.

For weddings these two approaches help me to capture the many emotions present throughout the day, and create memories which will last a lifetime. Rather than chasing “the perfect image” I strive to capture what it actually feels like to be there in the moment.

Travel & Landscape

I like to incorporate environmental portraiture and documentary-style photography into travel and landscape photos as well. Placing a person within a scene can give a better sense of scale, and captures the experiential nature of travel.

My background

I bought my first DSLR camera at the age of 13, and quickly found myself taking photographs of nearly everything around me. As an introverted and obsessive teenager, I purchased textbooks for photography and cinematography and read them almost religiously.

I started off documenting my friends skateboarding and skiing, but my curiosity drove me to experiment with anything I could think of: long exposure, astrophotography, macro. The subject which has remained a constant interest in the years since has been sunsets. I found it mesmerizing watching the clouds melt into shades of orange and red, and it served as a daily reminder of the world’s natural beauty.

The shot below was taken in 2010 with a dinosaur of a camera released in 2004, but it is still one of my favorite photos, and I have it hanging on my wall at home.